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Designer Surface specialises in skins and surface for exterior and Interior spaces, focusing on Laminam, Solid Surface (thermoforming acrylic) and Caesearstone leading products in the building industry. Designer Surfaces products have great warranties and are backed by extensive testing. The stylish collections offer clients an extensive portfolio of textures and tones to choose from that will enhance any space. Our team is here to support you from initial design consultation, fabrication through to installation, please contact us today to discuss your next project.

Laminam surface


An evolution in designer surfaces, Laminam decorative tiles have universal potential for the construction industry in both commercial and residential design.

Laminam is the world’s first full body porcelain tile in a large 3000mm x 1000mm format, with a thickness of 3mm, 5.6mm and 12mm. Its advanced technology makes it resistant to mechanical stresses, chemicals, wear, scratches, deep abrasion and to bending. It is easy to sanitise, resistant to frost, fire, mould and mildew, and designed to stand the effects of UV rays in all atmospheric conditions.

A revolutionary slab that does not neglect environmental friendliness, created with natural materials like quarry clays, granite rocks and ceramic pigments. Eco-responsible, Laminam sustainable technologies focus on low energy consumption, zero pollutants emissions, minimum CO2 and are fully recyclable. Laminam guarantees that its production processes emit only water vapour into the atmosphere.

Laminam gives courage and confidence to those who wish to think beyond and challenge designer surface, with high aesthetic and technical performance. The application of these tiles can be used in a previously unthinkable way, a revolutionary approach to skin architectural surfaces.

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Caesarstone’s exceptional beauty, strength and durability makes it a leader in surface design.

Industry pioneers and global leaders Caesarstone was the first company to establish a new product genre in the industry, by taking the physical properties of quartz and reforming them into Caesarstone surface. Caesarstone engineered stones consists of up to 97 per cent quartz, which inherently makes this surface stronger than natural stones.

Caesarstone is non-porous and waterproof and is resistant to mould, mildew, heat, stains, scratches and chips making it suitable for private residence, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities and retail spaces.

Classico, Supernatural and Concetto collections offer a variety of design to suit any interior.

Environmental consideration is part of Caesarstone’s business ethos as they understand their ecological responsibilities. Low CO2 admissions, high levels of recycled material and a 97 per cent reusable water rate in the production process.

Caesarstone backs their engineered stones with a 10-year warranty and services each slab with a unique code to assure the quality remains a leader in the field.

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