An evolution in designer surfaces, Laminam decorative tiles have universal potential for the construction industry in both commercial and residential design.

Laminam is the world’s first full body porcelain tile in a large 3000mm x 1000mm format, with a thickness of +3mm, 5.6mm and 12mm. Its advanced technology makes it resistant to mechanical stresses, chemicals, wear, scratches, deep abrasion and to bending. It is easy to sanitise, resistant to frost, fire, mould, mildew, and the effects of UV rays and is designed to stand the test of time in all atmospheric conditions.

A revolutionary slab that does not neglect environmental friendliness created using natural materials; quarry clays, granite rocks and ceramic pigments. Eco-responsible, Laminam sustainable technologies focus on low energy consumption, zero pollutants emissions, minimum CO2 and are fully recyclable. Laminam guarantees that its production processes emit only water vapour into the atmosphere.

Laminam gives courage and confidence to those who wish to think beyond and challenge designer surfaces, with high aesthetic and technical performance. The application of these tiles can be used in a previously unthinkable way, a revolutionary approach to skin architectural surfaces.

laminam designer surface nz


Solid Surface offers innovated design options. With seamless looks and thermoformable capabilities this surface can push boundaries and reinvents surface design in interior applications.


Carefully selected from Laminams International collection is our Aotearoa range. Reflecting New Zealand’s breathtaking landscape combined with modern on-trend styles. This range offers Architects and Designers a vast portfolio to meet innovated designs. No minimum order required, contact one of our team to discuss your next project.

International Collections

Laminam’s exciting colour range draws inspiration from nature’s raw materials, seasons and time, cultural traditions and construction. Laminam’s collections are renewed yearly keeping an up to date catalogue of current and original designs. Minimum order required.


Laminam’s porcelain tiles offer an array of technically advanced features.

  • High Strength

    High Strength

    Due to its excellent mechanical properties, Laminam is suitable for demanding applications like flooring

  • Scratch Resistance

    Scratch Resistance

    Laminam is highly scratch and abrasion resistant

  • Chemical Resistant

    Chemical Resistant

    Laminam resists organic and inorganic solvents, providing a very durable stain resistant surface

  • Wear Resistant

    Wear Resistant

    The properties of the slab remain unchanged after intensive use and frequent cleaning

  • Reaction to Fire

    Reaction to Fire

    Laminam does not contain organic material and is resistant to fire and temperatures. In the event of a fire it does not release smoke or toxic substance

  • Low Maintenance

    Low Maintenance

    Laminam can be easily cleaned using standard disinfectants and detergents without affecting its surface characteristics

  • Lightweight


    With a weight of just 7kg or 12kg per square metre (3.5mm & 5.6mm ranges respectively), Laminam is very light, making it easier to handle, and reducing weight to building structures

  • Frost Resistant

    Frost Resistant

    Laminam’s average water absorption is 0.1%, it is frost resistant and suitable for all weather conditions

  • Anti Graffiti

    Anti Graffiti

    Laminam is the first graffiti-proof ceramic surface. It’s easy to clean, and even the most durable paints remove easily

  • UV Resistant

    UV Resistant

    Laminam does not contain organic pigments and is resistant to UV rays. The colours remain stable even when subjected to serve climate change

  • Hygienic Surface

    Hygienic Surface

    Because Laminam does not allow the formation of mould, bacteria and fungi, it is perfectly suitable for food preparation areas

  • 10 Year Warranty

    10 Year Warranty

    Laminex New Zealand will, at its option, repair or replace the product without charge if it fails directly as a result of its manufacturing or material used in its manufacture


View Laminam from factory to insulation. See how this revolutionary skin is used in the kitchen through to exterior cladding.